Committed to producing Angus Seedstock that combines calving ease with superior growth, maternal and carcass traits, fertility and longevity.

Herd Sires

Whether you are running straight Angus or are cross-breeding, these bulls will give you more pounds per calf at weaning.

Sale Info

Bakers Lemar Angus is a brand that works to fill your herd sire needs. Pursuing a New Horizon! Annual Production Sale!!

Baker Ranch

We are a family-owned and operated ranch dedicated to producing Angus cattle that perform with predictability.

Baker’s Lemar Angus Ranch

Breeding Angus Cattle for 73 Years!


Selling: 44 Yearling Registered Angus Bulls
34 Fancy Open Commercial Yearling Heifers

Friday, April 19, 2024

Sale begins at 1:00pm at the St. Onge Sale Barn

Our Guarantee:

  • No Creep Feed
  • All bulls and heifers are current on all vaccinations.
  • Commercial Yearling Heifers are from our herd and the listed sires.
  • Heifers are bangs vaccinated
  • Heifers have had breed-up vaccinations.
  • All bulls are semen tested, scrotal and pelvic measured by Dr. James Myers, DVM, Belle Fourche Veterinary Clinic.
  • Yearling weights available.
  • 1st Breeding Season guarantee.